Friday 25 October 2013

Writing Part 1

Writing Part 1
Key Word Transformations
In Part 1 of the Writing test of the exam, you will be given five sentences relating to the same topic.   For each question, you are given a complete sentence, with a ‘gapped’ sentence below it.  You need to transform the gapped sentence so that it means the same as the complete sentence by using a different grammar or vocabulary structure.
Example:                      Jack joined a football team 5 years ago
                                Jack has been in a football team for 3 years.
In this example, a past simple sentence has been transformed into a present perfect simple sentence.  You need to complete the sentence with the correct preposition.
  • This part of the exam tests your grammar and vocabulary precision.
  • There are five sentences.
  •  Use between one and three words to complete each gap.  Contractions count as TWO words.
  • Each sentence is worth 2 marks.
  • Spelling is important.
  • The questions can test any area of grammar or vocabulary.

Action Plan
  • Read the first sentence and identify the grammar and vocabulary.
  • Read the second sentence.  Decide if you need to change the grammar, or look for a synonym.
  • Underline the words you think you will have to change in the first sentence.
  • Complete the gapped sentence with between one and three words. (Contractions count as two words).
  • Practice as many as Key Word Transformations as you can.
  • It’s a good idea to repeat exercises you have done in the past to help you recognise and remember the grammar and vocabulary structures.

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