Monday 29 July 2013

Listening Part 3

Listening Part 3

  • In this part of the EOC exam you will hear one person talking about a topic.
  • You need to complete the text with words or short phrases while you listen.
Action Plan
  1. Before you start the listening, read the instructions.  What is the topic?  Think about the type of vocabulary you might hear.
  2. Read the text.  Try to predict what type of word is missing:
    • number
    • place
    • name of something
    • time, etc.
  3. You will hear different numbers or times that might fit the space, but only one of them will be correct.
  4. You will hear the exact word or words you need to write.
  5. During and after the second listening CHECK YOUR SPELLING.  It is important that you do not make spelling mistake
  6. Relax.  You will hear each text twice so if you’re not sure after the first listening, check your answer during the second listening.
  7. Do not leave a gap. If you’re still not sure, make a guess.

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